Islam in the United States


“Holy War” is not an Islamic Term?

Be skeptical when a Muslim starts talking to non-Muslims about Islam. Here is why:

PDF File: Holy War is not an Islamic Term – Jihad Watch


Congressman Ellison and Jefferson’s Koran

There had been a lot of excitement over Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) using Jefferson’s Koran for his ceremonial swearing-in back in 2007. Yet this translation of the Koran had been done by a non-Muslim who not only considered Islam to be a man-made religion that “owed its progress and establishment almost entirely to the sword,” but who also considered Muhammad to be a charlatan, and the Koran itself to be false and a forgery. I contacted Congressman Ellison about this. You can read about it in my article below:

PDF File: Congressman Ellison and Jefferson’s Koran


Why Americanized Muslim Reformers are Failing

How Islam prohibits exactly what reformers are trying to do:

PDF File: Why Americanized Muslim Reformers are Failing


Do Ahmadi Muslims Really Speak for Islam?

Caveat emptor.

PDF File: Do Ahmadi Muslims Really Speak for Islam


Ahmadi Muslims Hijack Islam

Ahmadis make up their own version of Islam at “Muhammad Fact Check.”

PDF File: Ahmadi Muslims Hijack Islam


What are Muslim-American children being taught?

Here is an overview of a popular Muslim textbook series:

PDF File: I Love Islam – What Muslim-American Children are Being Taught