The American Muslim Alliance


Looking into the Heart of the American Muslim Alliance

This is the first time there has been such an in-depth examination of the American Muslim Alliance. What is shows is a history of support for anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish/Israel remarks, and support for terrorists who hate Jews and the United States and want to destroy Israel.

PDF File: Looking Into The Heart Of The American Muslim Alliance – MIM


Support for Jihadists coming to the Heartland?

The American Muslim Alliance (AMA) is moving its headquarters to Des Moines, Iowa. Find out what the AMA is really about:

PDF File: Support for Jihadists coming to the Heartland – Jihad Watch


Dhimmitude comes to Des Moines

The nature of the reaction of most of the major Iowa media, the Iowa State Legislature, and the Des Moines Jewish community to the American Muslim Alliance coming to Des Moines is eye-opening!

PDF File: Dhimmitude comes to Des Moines – Jihad Watch