You can download any and all of these brochures. To print a brochure, start by printing one side only. Then pull this piece of paper out of the printer and, without turning it in any way, place it back onto the top of the paper stack to print out the other side. You then have a brochure that can be tri-folded. Please feel free to print out and distribute these brochures to as many people as possible.


Starting Out

The first two brochures introduce authoritative sources and ideas that are fundamental to understanding Islam. The third brochure gives you a good overview of the life and thinking of Muhammad, the “final Prophet” of Islam. The fourth brochure addresses the issue of apostasy in Islam. The fifth brochure is a guide to reading the Koran.

Introduction to Islam

Abrogation – the Key to Understanding Islam


Apostasy in Islam

So you want to read the Koran

So you want to read about Muhammad


Islam, Judaism and Christianity

There are various efforts to equate these three religions and to find their supposedly common teachings and beliefs. After all, aren’t they the three Abrahamic faiths? But are the doctrines of Islam compatible with this idea? The brochures in this section will give you the answer to that question.

The Lords Prayer of Islam

What the Koran says about Jews and Christians

What Muhammad said about Jews and Christians

Don’t Take Jews and Christians as Friends

Jesus was not Crucified

Shirk the Unforgiveable Sin of Christianity

Does Islam Have a Golden Rule


Islam and American Values

Islam was established on the Arabian peninsula in the 7th Century AD.  How does Islam relate to core American values expressed in our Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution?  The brochures in this section will provide some answers to that question.

Islam and American Values – Equality

Islam and American Values – Freedom of Religion and Speech

Islam and American Values – Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Islam and American Values – Slavery


What Does Islam Teach about Taking an Oath?

People in public office at the local, state, and federal levels are required to take an oath of office that requires them to swear, or affirm, to support the United States Constitution.  Taking such an oath is a serious matter.  But here is some disturbing, eye-opening information about what Islamic Doctrine teaches about taking an oath.

What Islam Teaches about taking an Oath – So help me God

What Islam Teaches about taking an Oath – Using the Koran

What Islam Teaches about taking an Oath – Ways to Break that Oath

What Islam Teaches about taking an Oath – What does the Oath Mean


Questions for Muslim Public Officials and Political Candidates

Major tenets of Islamic Doctrine are irreconcilably in conflict with the U.S. Constitution.  So how can a Muslim holding, or seeking election to, public office take an oath of office swearing to uphold that Constitution?  Here are questions you can ask in a townhall setting or at any other public event.

Islamic Doctrine versus the U.S. Constitution: Questions for Muslim Public Officials and Political Candidates


Islamic Doctrine versus the U.S. Constitution: Handling Evasive Responses


Women in Islam

Islam and Women

Islam and Women – Marriage

Islam and Women – Beating Wives

Islam and Women – Whom Your Right Hands Possess


More Information about Islam

1.   Does Islam really teach that Muslims can pretend to be friends with non-Muslims and even pretend to renounce their faith in Islam? You will find the answer in this brochure:

Islam Teaches Personal Deception

2.   After the death of Muhammad in 632 AD, the Muslim armies continued with their battles and conquests. Less than a hundred years later the Muslim armies had conquered the Middle East and a swath of land across Northern Africa, and were invading Spain. Among the conquered people were many Jews and Christians who, instead of converting to Islam or fighting to the death, chose to accept the second-class status of Dhimmis and pay the Jizyah (protection money). How the Muslims were to deal with these Dhimmis is explained in brochure below:

The Pact of ‘Umar

3.   The beheading of non-Muslims seems to have become a regular occurrence for terrorist groups claiming to be following the doctrines of Islam.  Do the doctrines of Islam really allow for the beheading of people?  This brochure will answer that question:

Does Islam Allow Beheading