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Islamic Doctrine versus the U.S. Constitution: The Dilemma for Muslim Public Officials (2019)

Increasing numbers of Muslim candidates for office are entering the U.S. political system at every level from local to state and federal; and, while we applaud civic engagement by all citizens in our democratic system, we also are mindful that Islam is a faith like none other in the obligation levied on its followers to place Islamic Law (shariah) above any other law, including the U.S. Constitution. Obviously, this sets up a conundrum for those candidates for political office who are devout and practicing Muslims..

With his newest book, “Islamic Doctrine versus The U.S. Constitution: The Dilemma for Muslim Public Officials,” author and scholar of Islam Stephen M. Kirby, Ph.D. has drawn upon a series of essays first published on Dr. Kirby has elucidated the very direct conflicts between Islamic Law and the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 13th, and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. But one might ask, aren’t all Members of Congress obligated to swear or affirm an oath to support that Constitution? So, how could a Muslim official take such an oath and yet remain true to both his faith and the Constitution he has pledged to uphold?

As this book goes to print, the U.S. is heading into another presidential election year (2020). The sobering reality of what devout, faithful, observant Muslims actually believe and are bound to obey must be a factor in the responsibility of every citizen to be both informed and engaged in the political process. Dr. Kirby’s scholarship in this regard could not possibly be more timely and is made of even more practical use by the 10th and final chapter in the book, where he proposes a number of considerations and possible questions for the American citizen who may want to attend a campaign event where a Muslim candidate will be available for Questions and Answers.

The entire text of “Islamic Doctrine versus The U.S. Constitution: The Dilemma for Muslim Public Officials” may be thought of as a handbook for the citizen voter.

Center for Security Policy


The Lure of Fantasy Islam: Exposing the Myths and Myth Makers (2017)

In his book The Lure Of Fantasy Islam: Exposing The Myths And The Myth Makers Dr. Stephen M. Kirby unmasks self proclaimed “moderate Muslims” as false messiahs proclaiming and propagating their own religion and the non Muslims who ally with them. These “moderate Muslims” are viewed as heretics by their coreligionists and rely on support from non Muslims to sustain their myth making…

This invaluable book also exposes the dangers of interfaith activities, their non Muslim funders and how they are exploited by Muslims to recruit converts and lull non Muslims into a false sense of complacency by presenting Islam as a “Religion of Peace”…

The Lure of Fantasy Islam provides the intellectual arsenal to refute the Muslim and non Muslim “Myths and Myth Makers” and should be required reading for anyone who wants to further their understanding of what “The Religion Of Peace” is really about.

Beila Rabinowitz
Director, Militant Islam Monitor



Islam’s Militant Prophet: Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam (2016)

What are we to make of the glaring contradiction between the Koran’s claim that “there is no compulsion in religion” (2:256) and the many other verses that call for war, slavery, and death to those who refuse to submit to Islam (9:5, et al)–to say nothing of the militant behavior of the prophet of Allah, Muhammad? This is the question Stephen M. Kirby examines in his new book, Islam’s Militant Prophet: Muhammad and Forced Conversion to Islam.

Rather than offer speculations or cite nearly 1,400 years of Islamic history that is heavy laden with forced conversions, Kirby answers the question in an objective and meticulous fashion–in a fashion that any Muslim will be hard pressed to counter…

Raymond Ibrahim, “Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam,” Frontpage Mag, February 1, 2017


Islam According to Muhammad, Not Your Neighbor (2014)

This book will help you understand Islam! Dr. Stephen M. Kirby shows that the confusion about Islam can be cleared up by focusing on the Islam taught by Muhammad, and believed in by most of the world’s Muslims, not the Islam you might hear about from your neighbor or co-worker. Dr. Kirby investigates the acts of violence reportedly done in the name of Islam and examines the modern attempt to redefine the meaning of Jihad. You will find his conclusions surprising and thought-provoking.

Understanding the reality of the true Islam is important for the average person who looks at the actions of the jihadists and wants to know: have the jihadists really hijacked Islam, or are they actually following the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad? This book will give you the information you need to better understand what is being done in the name of Islam.


Letting Islam Be Islam: Separating Truth From Myth (2012)

This book was reviewed in Islamic Literature, Issue No. 73, 2013 (This is a university magazine published in Arabic by the Sharia Branch of Islamic Studies, Beirut Islamic University, Beirut, Lebanon):

The book, written by Dr. Stephen Kirby, is based on the authentic, historical Islamic sources and the writings of new researchers as well as the foundation of Islamic thinking today.  Through it all, the book provides a very deep understanding of the Koran and the Sunnah in an effort to help the Muslim and the non-Muslim know and understand current Muslim behavior.  The book provides help understanding the basic relationship of Muslims with each other and with non-Muslims.  It consists of 19 chapters which include: interpretations, hadith, sirah (Mohammad’s biography), the concept of abrogation, the prophet hood of Mohammad, peace be on Him, the Islamic religion and all the monotheistic religions, sharia, women, slavery, apostasy, interfaith regulations according to Omar, the five daily prayers, heaven, and American Muslims.

The book is an excellent resource to guide you in understanding the enormous plethora of information about Islam.  Whatever the motivation of those writings, whether it is out of knowledge, intelligence, fear, ignorance, deceit, or truce, you will understand them better after reading this book.

[Information and translation provided by Dr. Mark Christian, a native Arabic speaker.]

Letting Islam Be Islam: Separating Truth From Myth, Dr. Stephen M. Kirby, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 2, 2012), 402 pages
عنوان الكتاب بالعربية: “ليكون الإسلام هو الإسلام: فصل الحقيقة عن الخرافة”. اعتمد مؤلف الكتاب الدكتور (ستيفين كيربي) على المصادر الإسلامية التاريخية الأصيلة، وكتابات الباحثين الجدد، إضافة إلى أسس التفكير الإسلامي اليوم. ومن خلال ذلك كله، يقدم الكتاب فهماً أعمق للقرآن والسُّنة بحيث يساعد المسلم وغير المسلم على معرفة السلوكيات الراهنة وفهمها، وعلى فهم أسس علاقة المسلمين ببعضهم بعضاً وبغير المسلمين. يتكون الكتاب من تسعة عشر فصلاً: شملت علوم التفسير والحديث والسيرة، ومبدأ النسخ، ونبوة محمد عليه الصلاة والسلام، ودين السلام، والأديان التوحيدية، والشريعة والمرأة، وقضية الرق، والردة، والعهدة العمرية، والصلوات الخمس، والجنة، والمسلمون الأميركيون. الكتاب دليل ممتاز لتوجيه الفهم للتدفق الهائل للإسهاب في الحديث عن الإسلام، سواء أكان ذلك عن علم أم ذكاء أم خوف أم تهدئة أم جهل أم خداع.



Islam and Barack Hussein Obama: A Handbook on Islam (2010)

On June 4, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama was in Cairo, Egypt talking about Islam to a Muslim audience. What did this speech show about President Obama’s understanding of Islam? Starting with quotes from that Cairo speech, Dr. Stephen M. Kirby then examines Obama’s two autobiographies, canonical texts of Islam, and surveys of Muslim-Americans to answer that question.

In the epilogue of this handbook Dr. Kirby looks into the Obama administration’s response to the June 1, 2009 shooting of two Army privates outside the Little Rock, Arkansas Army recruiting station. The shooting was done by a Muslim convert and received minimal media coverage. You will be surprised at the two-day silence of President Obama and his administration about this shooting. Dr. Kirby provides an explanation for this silence.

After reading this book you will have a better understanding of how a sitting president understands Islam.