Islam and the On-going Jihad


Suicide or Paradise?

It’s time to quit using the term “suicide bomber.” Here is why:

PDF File: Suicide or Paradise


Muhammad’s other Battle Cries: It’s Time for Killing!

Remember this the next time someone talks about how Islam was “peacefully” spread across the Arabian Peninsula:

PDF File: Muhammad’s other Battle Cries – It’s Time for Killing! – Jihad Watch


Imams won’t pray for Jihadists – Keeping the Kafirs Fooled

130 Imams in Great Britain recently said they would not say prayers for the jihadists who had been killed. But the reality is, it doesn’t matter:

PDF File: Imams Refusing To Perform Funeral Rites For Jihadists_ Keeping The Kafirs Fooled


Charlie Hebdo was Attacked by Islam, Not Islamists

Soon after the January 7th massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, pundits and many in the media were assuring us that Islam had nothing to do with it. In my article below in FrontPage, I show that Islam had everything to do with it.

PDF File: Charlie Hebdo was Attacked by Islam, Not Islamism


Islam and Burning People Alive

In the below article I show that Islamic doctrine supports burning people alive:

PDF File: Islam and Burning People Alive


Jihadists Do the Strangest Things

Does Islamic Doctrine support beheading, cutting off of hands, and knocking teeth out?

PDF File: Jihadists Do the Strangest Things